City of Regina | Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve (2023)

View some common questions and answers about the Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve.

Did I see the City spraying herbicide?
Due to many weed concerns raised by residents in Harbour Landing, the City has prepared a robust maintenance plan for the Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve. Part of the plan is to kill the weeds in the space with Trillion Turf herbicide. Spraying occurred at the beginning of August 2020 and again in September 2020. The ER will be monitored for weeds in 2021 and beyond – some further spraying may occur.

Why does the City use Trillion Turf Herbicide?

  • Trillion Turf is designed and approved to kill broad leaf weeds in a park setting
  • Trillion is approved for use by Health Canada through the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)
  • Residents are asked to stay away during treatment activities. According to the PMRA approved label, residents can re-enter the park space after the area is dry
  • Notification of treatment is provided to residents in two ways:
  • Pesticide advisory line: 306-777-7777
  • Signage that is posted 24 hours prior to treatment. Signage will remain onsite until a minimum of 24hrs has passed

Why is the City changing the way they maintain the Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve (ER)?
The City has been preparing, since 2008, the grassland areas in Harbour Landing to transition the maintenance in the ER to the intended natural design. This required measures to contain weeds through additional mowing, herbicide application (2018) and intentional over-seeding.

Why did it look like manicured space when it was installed?
New spaces require a different level of service in order to become established. The City of Regina supports developers in establishing un-irrigated grass, like what you see in the Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve by providing specifications that outline maintenance during establishment. The maintenance of newly planted spaces is much more intensive than established spaces. The Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve has also been maintained differently in the past to manage weeds in the space. The City provides adaptive maintenance practices to overcome challenges of all our open spaces.

Why is the City mowing less than they have in past years?
The space was being mowed more frequently than originally intended to help control Canadian Thistle, Dandelion and Foxtail Barley. The amount of Canadian Thistle, Dandelion and Foxtail Barley, while not eliminated, has drastically decreased.

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How are other Environmental Reserve Spaces in the City of Regina maintained?
Environmental Reserve (ER) space is designed for minimal maintenance. ER space is typically mowed once a year in August after grass has gone to seed. The City of Regina monitors space to respond to issues that may crop up from time-to-time and may require an adjusted maintenance schedule.

Why does the City maintain the area near the water differently than the area behind our homes?
This area is known as a Riparian Zone and is sometimes subject to flooding. The City manages the open spaces in Regina in a variety of ways; some areas are left to naturalize to provide valuable habitat for birds and other wildlife. The City will continue to let the spaces between the pathways in Harbour Landing naturalize, in alignment with our Official Community Plan.

What is Canadian Thistle?
Canadian Thistle is an invasive root-creeping perennial weed that has white or purple flowers and long narrow, crinkled leaves with spiny edges. It is managed in Harbour Landing through herbicide application and mowing to prevent seed spread.

What is Foxtail Barley?
Foxtail Barley is an invasive grassy weed that usually shows up in summer. Before these weeds sprout their foxy seed heads, they can be difficult to spot, as the leaves look similar to the rest of the grass in your lawn. Foxtail Barley weed is controlled in Harbour Landing through managed mowing.

What is being done to manage the foxtail barley in the space?
The linked maintenance plan above details specifics. A complete mow will occur in July and September, as well as herbicide treatment following both cuts. The space will also be over seeded at the end of the season.

What is the cost of maintaining the Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve?
The transition maintenance plan in place for the Harbour landing ER is estimated at $150,000 per year.

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What kind of herbicide will be used to treat weeds in the Environmental Reserve?
Trillion Turf. As with all pesticides the product is safe provided with follow label directions as approved by Health Canada. Beyond the label, the City posts herbicide spray activities on the pesticide advisory line (306-777-7777). The areas to be treated will be posted 24 hours prior to spraying – and – the signage will remain up for 24 hours following treatment.

What does the City do for winter maintenance in the Environmental Reserve?
In winter, the City regularly clears all paved pathways throughout the space.

Why are there not more trees in the space?
It is important to note that not all spaces in the Environmental Reserve can accommodate trees. We do not plant trees that may conflict with underground and overhead infrastructure (pipelines, power lines and natural gas lines)

Norseman Park is a priority for spring 2021 replacement plantings. Residents in East Regina worked with the community association and Tree Canada to apply for trees/funding for the space.

If you are interested in having more trees planted in your community, contact the Harbour Landing Community Association for more information.

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What does the City do to prevent mosquitos?
The City of Regina applies a biological agent to areas of standing water to prevent mosquitos.

The long grass is a breeding ground for ticks and other pests, how is the City managing this?
The City is utilizing a mowed strip on either side of the asphalt and crusher pathways to minimize the risk of ticks and other pests transferring onto passers-by.

What does the City do to manage rabbits?
Rabbits are part of the Regina ecosystem and their populations ebb and flow. We have seen an increase of rabbits and rabbit damage in the past several years. Currently there isn’t a program to manage rabbit populations. To help overcome this, part of the plan within the Harbour Landing ER is to allow for shrub beds to naturalize and self-propagate. This will further fill in and replace shrubs that have died or been damaged by rabbits. This is also why shrub planting was emphasized over tree planting.

Are the pipeline companies responsible for maintaining the easements?
The City of Regina mows all pipeline easements in Harbour Landing. Pipeline companies occasionally perform routine maintenance on their infrastructure and re-seed after completion.

What can be done to provide more benches and seating in the Environmental Reserve?
Leave a lasting legacy of a loved one by donating a bench in an open space by contacting the City of Regina at 306-777-7000.

Can we provide community garden spaces in the Environmental Reserve?
Community Gardens throughout Regina are operated by Zone Boards and Community Associations. Please contact the Harbour Landing Community Association for more information. View the list of existing community gardens around the City.

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Are commercial sites required to maintain their property?
Yes. The City continues to work with businesses in the community, as well as the Regina Region Homebuilders Association (RRHBA) and Realtor Association to share educational materials that outline best practices on landscaping maintenance for homeowners and local businesses.

What can be done about vacant lot maintenance?
The City works with the owners of vacant lots to combat overgrown vegetation regardless of whether weeds or grass is present. If you have concerns about a vacant property, contact the City of Regina at 306-777-7000 with the specific lot detail.

What can be done about properties that are unsightly and unmaintained?
If you have concerns about a property, contact the City of Regina at 306-777-7000 with specific detail, including the address.

Are homeowners required to landscape their property?
Homes completed prior to January 2019 are required to ensure that their properties are well maintained and do not allow weeds or soil to spread onto neighbouring properties. Homes approved for construction after January 2019 are required to complete their front-yard landscaping in a way that prevents weeds and erosion. New homes must have front and side yards developed within two years of receiving an occupancy permit.

If a resident reports a delinquent property, a City bylaw or development officer will visit the property and make a record of any infractions. If it is deemed to be in contravention of any City Bylaws, a notice to comply will be issued to the registered property owner.  Subsequent enforcement will ensue if necessary. Additionally, information is available online at, as well as on the main floor lobby of City Hall. 

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What can be done if residents are not maintaining their yard?
If you have concerns about a property, contact the City of Regina at 306-777-7000 with specific detail.

The long grass is a breeding ground for ticks and other pests, how is the City managing this?
The City is utilizing a mowed strip on either side of the asphalt and crusher pathways to minimize the risk of ticks and other pests transferring onto passers-by.

Why am I required to maintain my property, yet the City is allowed to let the grass grow?
The City manages its open space using a variety of methods. Spaces like the Harbour Landing Environmental Reserve were originally designed to mimic a natural ecosystem, providing plants to help filter the water to improve water quality before reaching Wascana Creek. The ER also provides important habitat for native birds and animals.


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